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India Water Partnership (IWP) is the Country Water Partnership functioning under the overall framework of Global Water Partnership (GWP). It started as an informal body first under the Chairmanship of Prof. S.R. Hashim (erstwhile Member, Planning Commission) as President, till 1998 and thereafter, Dr Y.K. Alagh (former Union Minister of Power and Science & Technology, Government of India) as its next President..

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IWP News 2014

Annual Members of India Water Partnership whose memembershiphas expired, may renew their membership.
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15th January, 2015.
Side Event: "From Risk to Resilience: South Asia Regional Framework for Sustainable Water Management" Regional Day- Global Water Partnership, South Asia, January 15th, 2015 ” <<Click Here for: Details>>........Read More
13th January, 2015.
Panel Discusion on Role of Youth in Sustainable Water Management, India Water Week, January 13th, 2015 ” <<Click Here for: Details>>........Read More


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