Bio-remediation of Radhe Shyam Kund, Mathura through Innovative Phyco Remediation Technology


This case study has been prepared by our network partner- JS Water Energy Life Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Background: Following is the success story of Bio-remediation of two ponds namely the Radhey Kund and the Shyam Kund, located in holy town of Mathura situated in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It was observed that the Kunds were inundated with general waste. There were floating algal mats. Dead fishes and turtles were also present. The waste was putrefying and a strong foul smell emanated from the drain.

With the funding from Mathura Vrindavan Development Authority, JS Water Energy Life Co Pvt Ltd has been successfully implementing the Quick Bioremediation Project at Radha-Shyam Kund. Bio-fences using Moringa seeds and Nano nutrient product ‘Aquaritin’ are self-manufactured by the company.



Case Study on Gundar Basin, Tamil Nadu.


The following case study has been prepared by one of our network partners – Dhan Foundation

Background: The Gundar is one of the dry basins with acute shortage of water for irrigation and domestic needs. Being part of rain shadow region, the rainfall pattern and farm production is almost uncertain and making the farmers life miserable. The drought in the year 2016 was a worst nightmare for the farmers in the region. After the year 1876, the state of Tamil Nadu received the lowest rainfall in 2016. Many of the tanks did not receive sufficient water. In Gundar Basin, the sluices were kept closed, since many of the tanks did not receive water to level of sluice gate.

DHAN Foundation facilitated the tank renovation through the association in the financial year 2011-2012. Prosopis on 16643 sq.m of area was removed and the water spread are of the tank was deepened. 2349 cu.m of earth was removed and deposited on the tank bund. The total estimate of the work was Rs. 1.289 lakhs and community has contributed twelve thousand towards the work implementation. Hindustan Unilever Foundation provided 90% of fund for the renovation.The remaining 10% was contributed by the community.

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