Mapping the Mainstreaming of Integrated Water Resource Management (SDG 6.5.1) at the Sub-National Level in India – A Representative Case Study of Uttar Pradesh:

India Water Partnership, in collaboration of Indian Environment Law Organisation, is conducting a study in the state of Uttar Pradesh to analyze the views of all the departments at the state level in the light of formal programs and schemes and will conduct a stakeholder consultation based on key findings and take the findings to the key informants/ experts and prepare a status paper on key challenges to IWRM at the state level in India as a Case Study and an entry point for improvements. The Project will serve for mapping of the IWRM (SDG 6.5.1) in the Policy and Institutional governance on Water in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Continuing support to the Multi-Stakeholder Platform by developing decision support system (operational dashboard) for the Hindon River:

In this phase of the project, the dashboard that was developed in 2020 in collaboration with Tree Craze Foundation will be modified based on the Users’ Need Assessment Workshops where the existing data will be updated on land use, land cover change, area available for afforestation & wetlands. The UNA workshops are planned for Researchers, Academicians, Industries, NYKS Directors and members, and District Ganga Committee members associated with National Mission for Clean Ganga. A capacity building workshop will be conducted in collaboration with NMCG to explore possibilities for government department to own the dashboard.

Advocating for a Water & River Management Policy in Assam through Youth Campaign & Action:

This project will sensitize youth groups about fundamental issues of water governance and management and mobilise public opinion for sustainable water management, protection of rivers and riverine environment in Assam. Planned activities include online webinars, campaigns on social media, publication of articles & opinion pieces and organising talk-shows in print, electronic and social media. Specific recommendations will be provided to the Government of Assam to help attune to the adaptive water and river policy.

The Water Champions Youth Fellowship Program - 2021 (Edition 3.0):

Third year in a row, the programme will engage the youth for a three month Fellowship programme with the partner organisations who have been working in the water resource management sector. The Cohort 3.0 will constitute students pursuing environmental sciences, environmental management, environmental engineering, natural resources and water related subjects. The selected fellows will work on water smart solutions with mentoring and guidance support from the fellowship programme and partner organisations.

Enhancing Capacity to address climate change in Integrated Water Resource Management in the state of Uttarakhand:

The proposed activity will sensitize and build capacities of officials of water resources and other relevant departments and institutions to implement and mainstream adaptation actions into Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM). The climate responsive approach to IWRM will help the state government to ensure efficient and effective planning for water use with a view to meet the needs of all the sectors. The proposed activity has been planned to sensitize the relevant State Government officials, departments, and institutions to develop skills in water management, and concrete knowledge for managing water related risks and climate change impacts in Uttarakhand.

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