Mainstreaming NWM by Promoting Community Action for Village Water Security in the Shared Gandak Basin

This project will attempt to understand the water related issues and challenges, and the possibility for resolving the conflict and using mediation as an instrument to help the riparian communities and the Local NGOs in Bihar arrive at an equitable solution within communities using their own customary institutions. The project will enable the creation of a joint platform for deliberations and coming together of community leaders to discuss issues.

The IWP–C4Y Water Youth Champions Fellowship Programme 2020 (Edition 2.0)

The Water Champions Youth Fellowship aims at empowering youth by providing relevant & comprehensive work experience in water sector. The fellowship will induce young students to enhance their understanding on India’s water concerns. The fellowship aims to foster and empower Sustainable Youth Leadership in the country, and build their capacities on developing sustainable solutions for water security.

Stakeholder Consultation on Monitoring Framework for Sustainable Development Goal 13 (Climate Change)

The project aims to track progress in implementation of adaptation strategies/ interventions, as per the Madhya Pradesh State Action Plan on Climate Change (SAPCC) and/or how these interventions are reducing vulnerability, improving adaptive capacity, and supporting the overall well-being of communities affected by the impacts of climate change.

Stakeholder Mapping and Development of GIS Platform to Support Decision Making for Tributaries Management in Hindon River Basin

The overall objective of the project is to develop a platform that maps all the key stakeholders and key features of Hindon Basin to develop a shared vision for the river Hindon and to strengthen the tributary governance of river Hindon

Preparation of Small Modules on Rapid Urbanisation, Drinking Water, Sanitation and Waste Water Management and Organise Training Sessions for Diverse Stakeholders; and Dissemination through Mass Media and Social Media

The project is aimed to interact with all stakeholders and wider community on water centric, Eco-sensitive urban planning and water and waste water management. Such training sessions, interaction and dissemination would be reflected in governmental policies and ensure participation of citizens which in turn ensure the planned and water centric urban and peri-urban development.

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