India Water Partnership (IWP)

Our Strategy

India Water Partnership 2011 Strategy is derived from the unfinished agenda and activities undertaken during 2009-10. The issues raised by the zonal water partners were taken into account before finalizing the Work Plan for 2011. Accordingly, the most pertinent issues in the present context such as; exploitation of groundwater conservation through participating approach, strengthening of Area Water Partnerships (AWPs), promotion of Integrated River Basin Management Plans by negotiated approach, capacity building of water utilities, water user groups, Panchayati Raj Institutions at block/district and State level are the key elements in 2011 Work Plan of IWP

Addressing critical development challenges in the Indian States, as an emerging challenge, specific attention will be paid to drought adaption & mitigation strategies, water saving technologies as an instrument against climate change. IWP through its ZWPs would liaise with Government agencies, Agricultural Research Institutes/Universities, Water Resource Centres and Grass-root Level Institutions at Zonal, State, District, Block and community level to review State Water Polities in the selected States across the country to influence the State Water Policy to centralize community led IWRM

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