India Water Partnership

Our Objectives

  • To support action for sustainable and integrated development and management of water resources at national, regional river basin/sub-basin and local levels in India;
  •  To highlight the critical role of water for future survival of human beings and draw attention to its increasing scarcity resulting to implications for policies, programmes and projects;
  • To propagate the role of water as an economic and social good as well as a basic human and animal right and support policies and programs necessary for an economically efficient, socially acceptable and environmentally sustainable use of water resources;
  • To provide a coordinating and networking mechanism for institutions and organizations concerned with development and management of water resource projects of all dimensions, types and uses including community initiatives, people centered actions, water harvesting, revival of traditional practices;
  • To render assistance in promoting role of women, youth and children in water resources management.
  • To interact with GWP, GWP-South Asia and other national and international or supra national agencies dealing with water resources;
  • To function as a think tank for water related issues;
  • To provide and strengthen mechanism for exchange of information, experiences, ideas and approaches among stakeholders and help in evolution of a consensus on water related issues;
  • To generate an environment for formation of water partnership at sub-national levels like state, river basin/sub-basin, etc.;
  • To establish collaboration and linkages with public, private, corporate sector, non-governmental organizations, government agencies and funding agencies;
  • To undertake activities related to health, hygiene, sanitation and livelihood;
  • To organize seminars, workshops, conferences to promote natural resources management;
  • To undertake capacity building programs for the people on climate change adaptation & mitigation and disaster management;
  • To promote livelihoods and entrepreneurship development activities; and,
  • To take any other measures which are incidental to the objectives listed above.
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