C4Y-IWP Water Champions Youth Fellowship Programme, 2019 (Edition 1.0)

Project Title: C4Y-IWP Water Champions Youth Fellowship Programme 2019

Location – Delhi, NCR

Project Description – This project is an output of the collaboration between the Centre for Youth (C4Y) and the India Water Partnership (IWP). This activity was supported by India Water Partnership under its core programs. Goal 2 – General and Communicate Knowledge. The C4Y-IWP Water Champions Youth Fellowship Programme 2019 was possible because of the outstanding collaboration with all the fellows, partners, mentors and supporters.

The youth population in India is expected to reach 34% of its total population in 2020. Youth have a huge potential for innovation and their voice has to be taken into account. Dissemination of proper water education to masses in general and the youth, in particular, could be useful in addressing the issues related to environment conflict, climate change and sustainable development. Sensitization and education of youth about water concerns and related issues imbibe a sense of responsibility among the young population for managing the water resources towards the goals of sustainability and self-reliance.

Key objectives of the Fellowship Programme – Following are the key objectives of the fellowship programme:

  • To understand India’s water concerns: Raise awareness and social consciousness on India’s pressing water concerns
  • To engage with existing problems and solutions: See first-hand the problems and strategies to deal with the water exigency in the country
  • To evolve as aspiring young leaders: Develop leadership skills and innovations among youth in ideating for water-smart solutions
  • To support partner organisations: Contribute positively to the partner organisation’s working processes on water-related concerns
  • To implement on-ground projects: Execute the innovative ideas and solutions in consultation with the partner organizations.

The challenge – The main challenge was the timeline. Fellowship was conceived to be a 14-weeks intensive placement and training programme; however, the Fellowship was extended up to six months. The timeline was extended beyond planned weeks because for the Fellows it was difficult to understand, absorb and challenge the concepts & ideas and document the results and learnings outcomes.

Outcome – The 2019 Fellowship has contributed immensely in:-

  • Developing Sustainable Youth Leadership in the country
  • Nurturing of confident future leaders;
  • Holistic exposure to youth;
  • Empowering youth for creating a sustainable future; and
  • Infusing unique and fresh perspectives in the partner’s organization projects and their work process.
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