The Global Water ChangeMaker Awards 2020

  • Date: 6th April, 2020 to 14th June, 2020



GWP has launched the Water ChangeMaker Awards at an extraordinary time. The world is in a global health crisis and the economic future of many people is at risk. Both need the full attention of governments, businesses, and citizens around the world. Many essentials must continue, and among these is taking smart decisions on how we use and safeguard our water and how we protect ourselves from water-related hazards, such as floods and droughts as the climate crisis continues. These Awards will make visible the efforts teams and organizations who shape water decisions that build climate resilience. The journeys towards such decisions will involve changing mindsets from inertia to action; speaking truth to power; finding new ways of working; building new coalitions; changing laws or policies; mobilizing others to collaborate, and more. GWP will collect these journeys because, at times like these, learning from and celebrating those who have made things happen is more important than ever.

Click on the link to download the Concept Note: Water ChangeMaker Awards Concept Note

Water Changemaker Awards Concept 20200403

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