Formation of Jajmau Area Water Partnership.


Industrial effluents and sewage water are being diverted to the river Ganga by the cities and towns through which it passes. Nestled on the banks of Ganga, Kanpur, a highly urbanized and industrial city is polluting it most. Apart from the Government of India’s recently constituted National Ganga River Basin Authority, civil societies and NGOs too are putting rigorous efforts to make Ganga pollution free. Though the city has several big and small industries, the leather industries located in Jajmau, the oldest part of the city add to the problem of pollution in the river to a large extent.

India Water Partnership (GWP-India) Initiative for formation of Area Water Partnership

From February, 2012, India Water Partnership (GWP-India) with the support of its network partner – Society for Promotion of Wastelands Development (SPWD) started the process of formation of Jajmau Area Water Partnership in Zone-2 Kanpur Nagar Nigam (KNN) to help abate pollution and take-up the issues of water, health & hygiene and sanitation with the local level authorities. Jajmau located in the South East of Kanpur in the immediate vicinity of Ganga river, falls under Zone 2 of KNN. Ground work is being undertaken by SPWD’s sub partners – Society for Action in Community Health (SACH) with support from Shramik Bharti, Kanpur and other local civil society organizations under the overall supervision of SPWD. Objectives of the AWP

Objectives of the Jajmau AWP

is to (i) Develop a Joint Stakeholder Forum in the Zone -2 of Kanpur Nagar Nigam to discuss the pollution issues, possible strategies and actions to find solutions; and (ii) Develop a plan to prevent the pollution of river Ganga arising due to industrial and domestic activities in the area

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