Prof. Vijay Paranjpye

Chairman - Gomukh Environmental Trust for Sustainable Development (Gomukh Trust),
Brief info

Gomukh is a Trust in Pune working in the field of Watershed Conservation & Development. It is an Implementing Draught Prone Area Development programme with District Rural Development Agency, Pune. The work undertaken in this area includes planning, research and actual project. It aims at taking up the soil and water conservation at local level so as to solve the problem of drinking water and irrigation of the crops. Gomukh Trust mainly work to create a society where nature resources and ecosystems are restored and the poor can lead a self-sufficient and dignified life, to facilitate social mobilization work along with the use of appropriate technology for soil and water conservation, to lay a solid foundation for equitable and fair resource utilization with the mission of sustainable agricultural development for marginal formers, promotion of irrigation management with equitable distribution of water, rural development through Integrated Watershed Management approach & up-scaling of the smaller river valleys to a large river basin through Integrated River basin Management.

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