Ms. Gargi Banerji

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Ms. Gargi Banerji is a founding member of Pragya.

Ms. Gargi Banerji is a founding member of Pragya. Gargi career spans 25 years of experience in research, development and consulting and straddles both the corporate and development sectors. She is a post-graduate in Business Administration, and has worked as a management consultant with Tata Consultancy Services and thereafter with Prometheus. In this role, she has consulted for several large industrial houses, including many large multinational corporations, and also carried out projects for the state and development sector and provided advice on issues as diverse as child labour, deforestation, technology divide and gender inequity. For her work on conservation of medicinal plants. Gargi received the Whitley Award for Conservation in the year 2000. In India, her work has been recognized with the MSDS Award for Social Entrepreneurs and by the National HRD Network for her contribution to development.

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